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Why Do We Rely on Intraoral Cameras?
Posted on 5/29/2020 by integratedDENTAL
Why Do We Rely on Intraoral Cameras?Intraoral cameras are regularly used in our practice. That is because the imaging allows us to show you what we plan to do and how as well as why treatment is necessary for a tooth or teeth in the mouth. The cameras allow you to see inside your mouth as we do so you can make a more informed decision regarding dental care.

What is an Intraoral Camera and How Is It Used?

An intraoral camera is a tiny digital camera that fits inside a patient's mouth. As noted, it enables us to show the patient an enlarge image of the mouth or one tooth on a computer screen. Therefore, we consider this piece of equipment a necessary tool in our practice. When you can see what is going on inside your mouth, you can better understand our treatment plan. The camera can also be used as an adjunct for cosmetic surgery. Whether we use it for general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, it enables us to help our patients create better dental habits.

How an Intraoral Camera Assists in Personal Oral Care

Sometimes, we use an intraoral camera to point out areas a patient may have missed when he or she brushed or flossed. We may also use the camera to point out areas that need to be treated that are not readily seen with the naked eye. It also serves to support gum disease care and treatments.

We feature the latest in innovative equipment so we can provide all of our patients with the best care possible. If you want to learn more about certain treatments and how they can benefit you, the use of an intraoral camera can help you see how a certain course of treatment can improve your dental health. Give us a call today if you would like to take advantage of the latest in dental diagnostic tools and machines.
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